Introducing the BlackBerry Playbook

As your one-stop shop for technology, LTS is proud to announce the availability of the Blackberry Playbook business tablet.

The Playbook is the perfect companion for your Blackberry. Built especially to take advantage of the syncing and security provided by your server, you can connect the Playbook to your Blackberry and access all of your mail, contacts and calendar data with a single tap. You can also take advantage of your existing mobile internet connection without having to pay for a second device.


At an ultra-portable 7 inches in size, the Playbook is the perfect size for typing, you can hold it with two hands and type with your thumbs, instead of trying to balance a larger device and hunt with one finger.

With an incredible 1024×600 resolution, the screen is impeccably sharp with a pixel density that rivals screens twice its size. The Playbook offers a beautiful web browser with a full web experience, including flash videos rendered perfectly with no delay. Powered by a cutting edge 1Ghz Dual-Core processor, the Playbook has power to spare and a battery life that will rival your smartphone.

LTS is offering the 16GB WiFi Playbook at a cost of $499, with free delivery and setup included for our current clients. Please contact us at for more details!